Monday, October 6, 2003

Poetic Justice

There *is* such a thing as "poetic justice" in this world....

I implemented my own "do-not-call" list several years ago. Many phone companies offer what is called "Privacy Manager." This little service works with the callerID service by automatically blocking callers that refuse to present their callerID information and diverting them to a special message. In this message they can elect to reveal their callerID number, or identify themselves verbally and wait for the "Privacy Manager" to contact us on their behalf. The interesting thing about this service is that since most telemarketers don't present their CallerID info, they are hit with this first line of defense. Also, since telemarketers work on volume they are just as impatient to wait the minute or so it takes to actually by-pass all those phone menus and messages as you and I would be, so they just hang up and I never even know they called. For those few diligent telemarketers that actually take the time to wrestle with the inconvenience of the privacy manager, I figure it must be important so I'll answer. Oh and this also blocks calls from folks not covered by the do-not-call list.

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