Friday, January 29, 2010

There may be a silver lining after all

After having to deal with all the stack alignment issues surrounding our move to target the Mac OS, I’d started to fear that I would get more and more jaded cynical about the idiosyncrasies of  this new (to many of us) OS. I was pleased to hear from Eli that he’d found something that, at least to a compiler/RTL/system level software type person, renews my faith that someone at Apple on the OS team seems to be “on the ball.”

Apparently, the Mac OS handles dynamic libraries in a very sane and reasonable manner. Even if it is poorly (and that is an understatement) documented, there is at the very least some open-source portions of the OS that allows the actual code to be examined for how it really works (which is totally different that what any of the documentation says). At least in this regard Linux is the one that is way behind Mac OS and Windows.

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