Friday, February 2, 2007

Flicker crusader

Now this post is going to show up in any search on Google for Flickr... Oh well.  I was merely going to suggest you take a look at Steve Trefethen's recent posts about his recent crusade to rid the [B]DS IDE of all flicker.  Some of the things he's recently done have required fixes to the VCL, but a lot of it is merely better management of the existing VCL through correctly setting properties that you can take advantage of now.  He's even posted a small patch you can make to your own copy of the VCL sources.

We're currently working on doing some changes to VCL to better support Windows Vista. With the glass frames, task dialogs, newer file dialogs, etc... At the same time this has also been an opportunity for us to revisit a lot of the core rendering and painting code throughout VCL.  In the coming weeks, some more information about this will begin to emerge... maybe even a screen shot or two ;-).