Friday, February 23, 2007

CEOs, conversations, and logos

Ok.. that's three blog posts in a week for our CEO Ben Smith.  As I was leaving work this evening I saw that he was still in his office so I complemented him about having yet another blog post.  He commented that it was actually cathartic and therapeutic.  I have to agree.  Sounds like he's really gotten into the the swing of things.  Could it be that he's got the blogging “bug?“  It is excellent that we have a CEO actively participating in the community and the conversation we're having!

As we were talking Nick stopped by and we started talking about selling CodeGear branded schwag (shirts, mugs, pens, etc...).  The problem is that we needed to get the final artwork for the new CodeGear logo.  Yep, we're working on a lot of changes both visually in terms of the logo, website, and product art work, and in terms of making it easier for our customers to buy from us.  We're streamlining a lot of processes...

Anyway, then Ben asked if we'd seen the latest artwork.  A couple weeks ago, I'd been in a presentation where several mockups had been presented.  After some feedback and some refinements made, the final logo had been selected.  It's interesting all the thought and consideration that goes into selecting a logo.  Anyway, all of a sudden we were on a mission to locate Lisa Romano, our head of marketing (yeah, remember that?  m-a-r-k-e-t-i-n-g).

Went down two floors to her office.  Door open, but no Lisa.  Just then we saw her emerge from Daivd I's office just down the hall carrying a large envelope.  Apparently she'd been showing the latest artwork to David before he leaves on a user-group tour.  So we got sneak peak.  All I can say is that there's some really cool things in the works, not only with the products, but in lots of other areas.

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  1. i'm not sure how to respond to that, saying that "it's nice" would be a start...

    beyond poetry, i'd like to see more innovation... breaking down a barrier we're all dealing with today:

    *** the one between traditional the language constructs (being functions, delegates, vmts of some sort, classes, templates) and different persistent models (xml, relational databases, etc). so, the one between what you do in Delphi and what you actually need to do with your database backend.

    and it's not only that, but we've got componentness, great! design-time-ability, ide-ability, etc

    but the initial (higher order algebra) message or even meta-message is kind of last in "translation"

    same about composability

    what is easier? to pipeline delegate or to walk a expression tree?

    these can only be addressed by proper language constructs (compiler support), beyond the imperative Delphi we're dealing today and beyond depending on a relational or less relational model or another

    the syndrome of over specifying a solution is like a mantra and i do not think that lambda expressions are good enough, i do not think that wrapping functional programming is good enough...

    it's gotta be something beyond that, something which is both (functional) meta-language construct and dynamically pipeable componentness...

    this is the kind of innovation one would expect from your database and language architects!

    just my 2c, from a rainy late night, in a far away Campus... so far away, that innovation HAPPENS! :-)

    good luck a,



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