Tuesday, August 8, 2006

The Adventures of TurboMan - Part 1

Watch the new adventures of TurboMan!


  1. Got Turboman? Woot:)

  2. hehe - Turboman is hanging in a blowup version in my office: ready to help any who needs it.

  3. Hrm I can watch this nicely in my browser but it made my Welcome Page in Delphi corrupt. I was unable to startup Delphi (RSS got cached) until I disabled the RSS Feed in "\Application Data\Borland\BDS\4.0" and removed the cache.

    I think you should really drop this video from here as it makes using Delphi (at least one some computers) IMPOSSIBLE.

  4. Hello,

    Couldn't see a credit for the music in the video... Anyway, IIRC it's taken from the "12 Kingdoms" Japanese animation show. Music by Kunihiko Ryô.

  5. Hi Nao,

    Interesting. I don't knwo the piece you mention, but the music used is sourced through an agency that provides royalty free music. It's quite possibly inspired by that piece, but I was very careful to not use anything that we didn't own rights to.



  6. Hello,

    I'll be more specific: I was talking about the second half of the video, starting at 1:18 (I have no idea what the other song is). You can find it on the original soundtrack here:


    It's track 12, "Sôen ~ Shinjitsu no saya" (??~????)

    The track is a complex symphonic piece, so I don't think they could have reproduced it faithfully. That still wouldn't save them the cost of licensing. Can you point me to the company where you purchased this song? Just so I know I shouldn't deal with them ;)

  7. Supposedly you can listen to a sample of the song here: (Doesn't work on my PC)



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