Sunday, July 10, 2005

Shotguns vs. sniper rifles..

No this isn't really about firearms, but actually a response to a comment I received regarding this post.  The comment basically chastised me (or Borland in general) that I (we) should just fix the bugs and release more updates rather than “paint useless Powerpoint slides.”  Wow.  I thought that was what we're trying to do (fix the bugs, that is).  The comment seemed to suggest that we should simply take a “shotgun” approach to fixing bugs.  I'm sorry but that is a foolish approach.  If you don't have and use tools to help you prioritize your work, you'll almost always be doing the wrong thing.  You can't prioritize based on data you don't have or can't see.  So rather than attacking the problem with a shotgun we get out the sniper rifle.  The surgical nature of using the sniper rifle approach reduces the collateral damage.

Oh, and again, that post was merely intended to be a visual aid to describe what is currently a mental process.  Powerpoint was not used in its creation.. Excel was ;-).  It was also intended to potentially spark some discussion externally and, probably more important, internally.  It seems to have done that since John Kaster has responded that maybe this should be something that is added to Quality Central.