Thursday, February 3, 2005

The Delphi Eclipse...

One item in my previous post that I specifically didn't address is the notion of using Eclipse instead of VS.  Again, this is something we'd be remiss to ignore.  However, the primary ding against Eclipse is its reliance on a JVM.  Were it not for the fact that we are trying to support the .NET platform, this might be a reasonable path to persue.  I just don't see how we could create a reasonable tool that hosted not only the JVM, but also the CLR in the same process!  Yes, Eclipse would be much less encumbering from a business perspective than VS, but I have to think about the developer experience.  I, as a developer, would find it very hard to swallow if I had an IDE that fired up both the JVM and CLR in process.

Much of the same issues surrounding what does Eclipse give us and what we'd still have to build.  In fact you can substitute Eclipse for VS in much of this post.  Of course some of it doesn't apply, but you can get and idea of the scope of things involved.

Finally there is the shear fact that there is nearly 12 years invested in a lot of the current Delphi/Galileo IDE codebase.  It's not perfect.  It has some rough edges.  However, I will point out that it was also the first IDE framework ever released by Borland that supports multiple languages out of the box.  I owe a lot of this to the dedication and talent that we have and have had on the Delphi team.  Now we've announced our intention of folding C++Builder into the Galileo IDE, which has only been made possible due to the work we'd been doing over the past 2-3 years.


  1. first by Borland, others did it already.. one more thing.. I've just installed Delphi 2005 and well.. you're just putting your independence into MS hands...

  2. Everytime I see C++ Builder mentioned I get so happy!

  3. it's appreciated for borland to release a how-to guide on creating language/compiler/editor plugins on galileo IDEs....yeah, it's a cloned idea from eclipse plugins.

  4. The D2005 IDE shows a LOT of promise. It already is my favorite Delphi ever.

  5. Allen,

    Have you thought of the possibility of using the J# compiler to convert Eclipse to .NET?

    Just a thought.

  6. Rick,

    Yes we have, and I'd rather not be in the business of maintaining a separate branch of the Eclipse codebase because there will inevitably be significant changes to the codebase to get it to compile with J# since J# is based on a rather old version of the JDK. That kinda negates any benefit..

  7. Any chance of seeing a from Borland running under the Galileo IDE ?

  8. Well - in the latest Eclipse Roadmap there is strong support for adding featres in Eclipse IDE for compiled languages as well - actually - as I understand it - Eclipse IDE as IDE for designing, editing, debugging Delphi applications in Delphi language and for getting win of NET binaries... Actually - it can be a least some perspective after Borland's announcement about divestments in IDE. Is any community available for this?

  9. I have thought a Delphi Eclipse you are talking about when Searched this site I first, but your name only.

    I more like eclipse IDE more than DelphiX while I became a Delphi programer on August this year.

    I wonder why nobody will relanch a Delphi plogin for eclipse. To Develp it must not more hard than WTP or others plugins.


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