Monday, February 14, 2005

First Ship boxes

Today is February 14th, 2005.  The date of the 10th anniversary of the release of Delphi.  It was on this date, in 1995, that Delphi was introduced to the public during a special evening event at the Software Development West conference.  Since then, Delphi has been gone through many revisions and has even appeared on the Linux platform (in the form of Kylix).  For the developmnent team, everyone received their own personal copy of that release of Delphi along with a special sticker denoting that this is a “First Ship” box.  While not actually the first boxes off the production line, they do come from the first production run.  Here's a picture of a lot of the boxes I've received over the years.  Again, this is with my whimpy phone camera, so you can't really see the that some of the older boxes are actually faded a little.


  1. Congrats to the Delphi team!

    BTW: reveived == received


  2. Allen,

    What are your first ship numbers? I bet they've decreased impressively over time. :)

    (<whispers "C++Builder first ship #13"> <buffs nails> :-P)

    -- joshua

  3. Joshua,

    Actually they stopped puting numbers on the labels because of "equitability" issues... of course the lowest first ship I have is #3, I think.

  4. Allen,

    That makes sense. I recall that being an issue. Plus, it was expensive and time consuming to mark the boxes (one product, they simply handed out the numbers separately from the boxes -- I still have one of them on its backing), and the point could be lost. I have a Delphi #13 that someone left behind in the company that matches my CBuilder 13 that I earned. Cool fact, but the where's the relevance, right? :-)

    Thanks for creating a tiny space to celebrate the numbers at least a bit!

    I figured your list probably ran something like 7,6,5,4,3,2,1,2,1* anyway :)

    -- joshua

    * alternating 2's and 1's relative to whomever won the arm wrestle that ship date. :)

  5. A better picture and a poster from my printer would be produced :)


  6. Well, that's impressive. I just wish I could have one of those boxes.


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