Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Quietly blogging

I happened across this blog, from a young girl in Hong Kong who keeps a very close eye on Borland, Delphi, and the Delphi newsgroups.  She's a new Delphi programmer (since 2002) and certainly enjoys using it.  It's always great to see new, excited users of Delphi.  Unfortunately, she is not able to attend BorCon this year since she has to take care of her grandmother.  At least she has her priorities straight; family should always come first.

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  1. You should send Gloria a conference CD. I am sure she would ge a lot out of it, and seing as how her blog is really popular I imagine it would be some great positive PR.

    Just a though. Probably something DevRel should handle, but since you brought her up.


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