Monday, January 19, 2004

IDE Integration pack for Delphi 8 and C#Builder

As promised, I have uploaded to CodeCentral two zip files that contain the necessary files to compile Win32 VCL based IDE extensions.

For Delphi 8:

For C#Builder 1.0:

Please note that the declaration for TDesktopForm.LoadWindowState and TDesktopForm.SaveWindowState have changed:

TDesktopForm = class(TForm, IEditHandler)
procedure SaveWindowState(Desktop: TCustomIniFile; isProject: Boolean); virtual;
procedure LoadWindowState(Desktop: TCustomIniFile); virtual;

There are also two new files in addition to the changes made to ToolsAPI.pas; PaletteAPI.pas and PropInspAPI.pas. These two files describe the APIs to the new Tool Palette and the Object Inspector, respectively.

Please note that these are provided as-is and are unsupported. You will be required to click through a license stating this in order to download the files. Make sure you do not mix the C#Builder version with the Delphi 8 version and vice-versa. Also, an IDE add-in built with the files from the C#Builder integration pack will not work on Delphi 8. The same holds for IDE add-ins built with the Delphi 8 version cannot be used with C#Builder.

The version of the Win32 VCL shipped with Delphi 8 is different that the Delphi 7 and may contain some subtle differences in behavior and properties.

Any bug reports should be made through Quality Central.