Monday, January 19, 2004

IDE Integration pack for Delphi 8 and C#Builder

As promised, I have uploaded to CodeCentral two zip files that contain the necessary files to compile Win32 VCL based IDE extensions.

For Delphi 8:

For C#Builder 1.0:

Please note that the declaration for TDesktopForm.LoadWindowState and TDesktopForm.SaveWindowState have changed:

TDesktopForm = class(TForm, IEditHandler)
procedure SaveWindowState(Desktop: TCustomIniFile; isProject: Boolean); virtual;
procedure LoadWindowState(Desktop: TCustomIniFile); virtual;

There are also two new files in addition to the changes made to ToolsAPI.pas; PaletteAPI.pas and PropInspAPI.pas. These two files describe the APIs to the new Tool Palette and the Object Inspector, respectively.

Please note that these are provided as-is and are unsupported. You will be required to click through a license stating this in order to download the files. Make sure you do not mix the C#Builder version with the Delphi 8 version and vice-versa. Also, an IDE add-in built with the files from the C#Builder integration pack will not work on Delphi 8. The same holds for IDE add-ins built with the Delphi 8 version cannot be used with C#Builder.

The version of the Win32 VCL shipped with Delphi 8 is different that the Delphi 7 and may contain some subtle differences in behavior and properties.

Any bug reports should be made through Quality Central.


  1. Hi, see my other note. Where are the installation instructions for this download. There were none in the zip... Not sure which directory to put them in (suppose I could "guess", yikes.)

  2. Installation and Usage Instructions:


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