Friday, September 12, 2003

ViewSonic: Products: Pocket PC: Pocket PC V37

WooHoo... my free ViewSonic V37 Pocket PC just arrived... This was a special offer from MS for VS.NET customers... well I have an MSDN subscription and it qualifies. It is certainly a little thinner than my Dell Axim, but then it doesn't have a CF type II slot, just an SD slot. It does have Pocket PC 2003 with the .NET Compact Framework pre-installed. Which is interesting since I still have not received my Pocket PC 2003 upgrade from Dell for the Axim... I ordered it back in June... Grrr.... Well at least I have a new toy to play with this weekend...

Now before all you astute observing folks get all excited... This does not mean anything regarding any future Borland product releases... it is just a new toy, plain and simple.

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