Friday, February 19, 2010

What. The. Heck.

Is. This? I simply cannot explain this. At. All.

This was on a bulletin/white-board in the break area. I’d never noticed it because it was covered with photos from various sign-off (final authorization to release the product) celebrations. Lots of photos of both past and present co-workers, many thinner and with more hair ;-). Since we’re in the process of cleaning up in the preparation for moving to our new digs, it is interesting what you find… I presume this image has been on this whiteboard since… I guess… Delphi 5 or is that Delphi S? Either someone has a very odd sense of humor… or, more likely, beer had been involved during one of those sign-off celebrations from the photos. Then again, maybe this whiteboard had been in the Borland board room and this was from a corporate strategy meeting… nah, gotta be the beer.
Ow, my head hurts now…


  1. Put it [the entire whiteboard] on eBay for the Haiti auction ;-)

  2. Makes too much sense to have been anything from the board that ran Borland in the days of Del.

  3. Looks like the result of a (violently) motivational meeting to not repeat the mistakes of Delphi 4.

    Unfortunately, someone from management saw it and the only thing they took away from it was "ALM".

  4. I'm all for being nostalgic, but I really don't want to dwell on it too much. To me, too much "pining for the good ole' days" just appears as being "out of touch."

    Remember the past and learn from it. Take the good, leave the bad, press forward.

  5. Dr Bob's suggestion is where to go... a piece of history... things were so simple then... Win32 was still quite new and .NET hadn't been invented... Happy Days!!! ;o)


  6. There was nothing good about the "del days"...

    as for the rest of "takke the good, leave the bad" now I am having "facts of life" flashbacks. I'm nauseous...

  7. Sorry about that just being ironic... or maybe sarcastic. ;o)

  8. All I know is the author may have been a fan of Zoolander (Eugoogly)

  9. Hey, I am VERY nostalgic about Delphi 5!

    It was the last version that restored the IDE correctly on dual screen systems!

    Even with D2010, every time I fire up Delphi, I first have to select some other layout, then re-select mine. Really tiresome.


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