Monday, July 6, 2009

One Year In.

Now that we’re officially one year into the whole transition from being part of Borland and now part of Embarcadero Technologies, I figure it is now safe to show this. When the CodeGear segment of Borland was announced, we scrambled to produce the ever-important t-shirts and other CodeGear branded items. Since the intent was to clearly indicate that CodeGear was from Borland, we came up with a tagline. The official tagline was “CodeGear: A new company born of Borland”
Nice clean message. Clear marketing. However, I wanted to put my own slant on this. So I fired up my wife’s really nice computer controlled embroidery sewing machine and prototyped my own version of the new CodeGear logo. I even have a shirt with this embroidered on it.

I think this expresses my true feeling about the state of developer tools under the tutelage of Borland. Given the state Borland is currently in, I think we came out ahead in the game, no?


  1. LOL Awesome, you could also say, freed from Boredland!
    Or Trek like, UNAssimilated from BorgLand

  2. I first read, "born" from Borland

  3. What are you talking about? I'm very pleased that my Borland stock, bought at $8, is a solid $1.50!

  4. @Graham
    Not just that, the USD is way down too. I understand your loss, I know it personally too. Since that investment adventure, I have decided that it is a better investment to buy the product than a piece of the company. And I am happy that CodeGear nowadays are out of the hands of the Borlands incompetent board of managers who milked the cashcow nearly dry and squandered money away on stupid golf clubs.

  5. I always wondered myself, how a developer company like Borland became so decadent and having so much bad managers?

  6. Maybe somebody could celebrate CodeGears Independence Day with a graphic of a huge spaceship blowing up Borland HQ.

  7. Gee, man, you're a ...weaver! ;-)


    Yeah, good for you. But don't forget the human nature who lives inside us. Because the man is the victim of influences and the Borland influence is inside us perhaps sometimes more than we think and know. But what's important is that your direction is much better, keep on going.

    Btw, _WHY_ everyone hates Borland? :-) Did you asked yourself why? Perhaps because we wanted something and they wanter something else? (aka. disobedience ;-) ). This is the way in which the things are. The one who loves more wins.

    And what do you mean that "we came out ahead in the game"? Perhaps... this?


  8. The real problem is that meanwhile users got bored of Delphi... and you're not on the right track to reverse that feeling. Recent announcements spawned a lot of FUD again, and users are still left without a clear roadmap.

  9. Inprise is everywhere! Be aware!

  10. You came out ahead... kind of...

    But, I think there's no reason go gloat. I think Borland was RIGHT that the development tools department was faltering, and they were right to question the remaining team's ability to carry on the legacy of Anders Hejlsberg and the other team members who quit or deserted to competitors.

    In other words, they were right in thinking that the greatest minds had left the team, and that the remaining team wasn't as much of a "brain trust" for the company as the earlier team had been.

    So, they were rigth.

    And you were right.

    Not in thinking that you could carry on the legacy, because I don't think you've done that in any significant way. But in thinking that the department could survive...

    And that's what you've done. You've survived. Barely.

    And... who knows, maybe somewhere in the future you will even thrive? But, as the situation is now... I don't think there's much room for gloating... Even if you "came out ahead", as you put it.


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