Monday, November 5, 2007

Delphi, Adelphi, & Flickr

Back in March of this year, you may recall that I'd traveled throughout Australia and parts of Asia.  While in Australia I visited Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.  While in Melbourne I stayed at a rather eclectic hotel with the rather apropos name, Adelphi. It was very much a "bohemian" place to stay.  So much so that I had to take a few photos of the room.  Throughout the trip, I'd uploaded some of these photos to my Flickr account.  Thinking of it no further.

Then on October 24th, I got a rather odd email through my Flickr account.  Normally I'd have disregarded it as spam since I didn't know the sender, but since it was specifically through my Flickr account I looked into it.  It was from someone associated with a site called Schmap.  I manually navigated to the site and looked around.  Looked legit.  Apparently they troll through Flickr and other photo sites for people's vacation photos associated with many of the highlighted locations on their site.  They contact these folks asking for permission to link to their photo and to use it in their online promotions.  I read through the online agreement and it seemed reasonable.  I retained all my rights to the photo, and I only grant them specific rights to use the photo.  When the photo is displayed on their site it links back to my Flickr account and proper attribution is given.  It was only one photo of the room I stayed in at the Adelphi hotel, so I figured it couldn't hurt.

Last week, I got word that the photo had been selected and was live on their site.  Here's the link that contains the photo.  You may need to scroll through the photos on the right, but mine should be there :).  It looks like their site is a just a clever mash-up using Google maps, links to Priceline, and Google adwords.

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