Wednesday, June 27, 2007

MS notices the roadmap...!167AD7A5AB58D5FE!2169.entry

Rob Relyea on the WPF/XAML team at MS just sent me this link to his blog. It's good to get some attention from those folks about our roadmap and strategy. While MS is certainly a competitor at one level, they are also huge partner at many other levels. Rob was just asking for some clarification on our roadmap, so I sent some of it along to him. Before you bother asking, there are still many aspects of our plans that must continue to remain undisclosed, so I won't go into the substance of my response. Rob is one of our many “friends on the inside” at MS :-).


  1. What is troubling about the dropping of WinForms is loss of if the use of many many superb 3rd Party tools in Delphi .NET.

  2. @Fritz

    Can you compare those "many many superb 3rd party tools in Delphi .NET" with one of Delphi component sites like Torry.Net web site?

  3. Hi Allen,

    did I miss an entry in your Blog or didn't you post any link at all to the Delphi roadmap? I had to go to the MS site to find the corresping link to the Delphi Roadmap at :-(


  4. Are you saying that you can share more roadmap details with a competitor than with customers????!!!!!!

  5. TS,

    Yes. When that "competitor" is more of a partner in more areas than an actual competitor. Since we depend heavily on licensing technology from MS, they're clearly a partner.

  6. ROTFL, I'd really like to image MS happy to see tons of licences of BDS sold while VS sinks... Yah, keep on telling them what you're about to do, they will be able to keep on picking up the right developers in time... and I guess they keep you thoroughly informed about what they're doing, LOL!

    As on old says say, "May God save me from my enemies, I'll save myself from my friends" (and partners like that, of course).

    My suggestion: stop licensing technologies from MS - i.e. the WinForms designer <G> - or the crappy help system they develop, and go back creating really innovative technologies on your own. And keep your customers informed, not your worst competitor only.

    Time to give a deeper look at VS, I guess...

  7. MS is in long term you worst enemy (than short term partner), if you hint them info be sure that they will use it back against you sometime ;)

  8. "we depend heavily on licensing technology from MS"

    I don't think you should get too close with MS. For instance, you should not rely on any MS APIs that are not openly available to everyone. If you depend on special deals to get access to some of the APIs, then you're on the wrong track.

    Also, I agree with TS that the MS help system should be thrown away. I mean.... the help reader application in itself is a rather simple application, and it shouldn't take too long for an experienced programmer to create something that is better. Keep the data on the MS format, if necessary, and build a new proprietary client on top of it similar to the old MS help client. I know that's what I'd do if I were you.

  9. I've been banging the "innovation"-drum for years now, and this roadmap shows... No innovation whatsoever. (hopefully you have listened to guys like Kudzu and have something 'behind the scenes' that you aren't showing us)

    We get Win64 just as Win32 is about to die. Instead of giving us Win64 when MS started releasing Win64 as a platform, we have to wait right up to the moment when Win32 is killed off. (Windows 2008 Server is the last server OS from MS to offer a Win32 SKU)

    Late, late, late. :( (but I hope it won't become "Dead, dead, dead")


    Rune, still a fanboy, but not an optimistic one.


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