Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Roadmaps! Git yer roadmaps, here!

In case you missed it, Jim Douglas, CodeGear CEO has finally gone on record about when we'll be publishing our roadmaps. You have no idea about the collective sigh of relief from the whole team when we heard the news. Please be sure to stay tuned for when we finally get our roadmaps up and published in early June (a roadmap for the roadmap?? ;-). We'll finally (again) be able to give some clarity on CodeGear's direction for our products. For the Delphi folks out there this includes VCL/Unicode, .NET 2-3.5, Win64 and other stuff.


  1. Your last sentence is really music to my ears. ;-)

  2. Impatient Delphi LoyalistMay 22, 2007 at 2:56 PM

    I am hoping that the product roadmaps are based more on customer survey results rather than "because MS said so"


  3. Finally! ...oops, no! I'm sure that'll be a public beta isn't? :-)

    Also I'm sure that the last sentence is related to *Q3 2007 release*, isn't? :-)

  4. Allen, I'd be curious to hear your take on the roadmap situation. Borland/CodeGear decided to completely switch direction for the first half of 2007, and leave its .NET customers dangling. (Granted, the bugfixes are still nice, when we're working in Win32.) How is it that that turnaround happened without the roadmaps being updated *first* so people had some idea of what was going on and what to expect? What went into that decision? I'd be really interested to hear that story from an insider.

  5. Joe, the problem with Delphi for Win32 before roadmaps was because of revenue recognition. Now CodeGear has finally decided that they can withstand leaving some money to be accounted later and thus they'll start publishing roadmaps. As for the "switching", it was not really a switch, rather trying to address the majority of the users that answered the poll they took: Win32 is still the platform that most people use, hence the special Win32 build.


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