Friday, October 27, 2006

Firefox and Cake

I use Firefox almost exclusively, and anytime I use IE is in the context of the Firefox plugin "IE Tab."  I've also made sure the whole family is using Firefox as well, mainly because the number of nefarious exploits out there for Firefox are significantly less than for IE (that is slowly changing as FF gains popularity).  Well I just installed FF 2.0 and so far it's been working great.  The UI updates are very subtle, but I can tell the overall performance is definately better.  Memory footprint is about the same, though.

I happened across this posting where the Internet Explorer team sent a cake to the Firefox team congratulating them on the release of FF 2.0.  Of course Slashdot is filled with a myriad of conspiracy theories, negative spin, and outright paranoia... however my initial thought was how classy that was for the IE team to do that.  The FF folks should be proud of their accomplishment and the fact that a competitive team from MS is recognizing the tireless efforts of the team working on an open source project, speaks volumes... about both teams.


  1. I'm still waiting for MS to send us cake for Mac OS X. Maybe they are waiting for Leopard to be released...

  2. A great strength of Firefox is its community. Numerous programmers have contributed to a great collection of add-ons. This is very similar to what contributes to the greatness of Delphi, community and their contributions.

  3. This is just a form of security through obscurity - but at least you recognize it!

    How is the startup speed? That huge lag as Firefox gets itself into motion is probably one of the biggest problems I have with it.

  4. The startup time for FF is approx 3 to 4 secs on my machine (first startup), versus under a second for IE7. Presumably IE7 preloads stuff at startup and keeps it in memory. I wouldn't call 3 or 4 seconds a 'huge lag' though.

  5. I'm using Firefox, and almost anytime I use IE is in the context of the Firefox plugin "IE Tab". ^_^

    But FF's performance here is bad, even in version 2.0.

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