Monday, July 17, 2006

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

While we're in a holding pattern regarding the final fate and disposition of the Developer Tools Group (aka. DevCo) at Borland, there continues to be more good news on the hiring front, or should I say re-hiring.  So today marked the return of another former Borland developer to the BDS team.  Some of you may or may not know him, but Lee Cantey has just rejoined the Developer Tools Group.  Lee had been with Borland for many, many years and came up through the tech support ranks.  He's also one of the key developers on the C++ compiler and tools team, which includes BCC, ILINK, TDUMP, etc...  Lee not only carries with him a huge amount of talent, but is brings back a wealth of institutional knowledge.  I'm sure there's going to be more than a few occasions where he's going to hear, "Hey Lee, do you remember where the source code is for <some internally developed tool>?"

It's great to have Lee back on board!


  1. Any chance of a version of Hot patch 5 that works with the trial version? I would like to re-evaluate it for purchase with one of the single largest productivity problems fixed without having to gamble 2 grand.

    DevCo might want to think about building a new trial version based on all the new patches. With something on the order of 25 to 35 thousand developers (*) deciding to not touch the newest versions of Delphi, I think it would be wise for DevCo to put best foot forward to prospective buyers.

    (* based on 49 million short in sales with an average price of 1,400-2,000$ per developer)

  2. Cool.

    I don't suppose Lee would consider starting a blog ?

  3. C++ ??? NICE !!

    How about the new product manager for C++ Builder ???

  4. C Johnson -

    There is no technical reason that the hoxfixes wouldn't work, however the hotfixes expect update 2 to be installed. Unfortunately, the trial is based on Update 1. I've gone ahead and posed the question to the rest of the Mgmt team about whether or not we should spend some time on updating the trial. I cannot guarantee that we'll be able to do anything but I, too, have seen this same question posed in other venues and it is a very reasonable request.

  5. FatCatHu: We have an open requisition for a C++Builder product manager, and are interviewing. Feel free to spread the word, or submit resumes

  6. Allen -> Thanks for passing on the request. Frankly, it is a serious must. The whole point of the downloadable version is so people can evaluate it.

    Does DevCo really want people to evaluate a version with known and fixed bugs? Honestly, I can't recommend the current version for purchase to anyone - it is a dog. If Hotpatch 5 works as well as it is reported to, I suspect that it will be a very different matter (esp. with things like DelphiSpeedUp to accompany it!).

    Unfortunately, I can't just take public opinion for fact (many Delphi fans are actually fanatics and they tend to understate or flat out ignore the negative parts) - I really need to try it myself. I won't bet 2 grand on it like I did for D2K5 because I can get buried in day to day affairs before that 30 day money back guarentee has passed (and I suspect that Borland is going to act a little like AOL to anyone that tries to return a copy now anyways) - I sure got burned on that window with D2K5. Sadly, life happens.

    An updated trial would give me (and others) the best option for re-evaluating D2K6. Try to talk the team into giving us that chance.

    And ya, Hotfix 5 definitely doesn't play with the trial version, what with the package bindings changing.

  7. Congratulation for the new developer but it would be even more interesting to hear when a new update or at least hotfix for BDS2006 will appear. At least the C++ bugs introduced by update 2 should be fixed. And some word on Boost compatibility would be nice.


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