Monday, July 17, 2006

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

While we're in a holding pattern regarding the final fate and disposition of the Developer Tools Group (aka. DevCo) at Borland, there continues to be more good news on the hiring front, or should I say re-hiring.  So today marked the return of another former Borland developer to the BDS team.  Some of you may or may not know him, but Lee Cantey has just rejoined the Developer Tools Group.  Lee had been with Borland for many, many years and came up through the tech support ranks.  He's also one of the key developers on the C++ compiler and tools team, which includes BCC, ILINK, TDUMP, etc...  Lee not only carries with him a huge amount of talent, but is brings back a wealth of institutional knowledge.  I'm sure there's going to be more than a few occasions where he's going to hear, "Hey Lee, do you remember where the source code is for <some internally developed tool>?"

It's great to have Lee back on board!