Friday, June 16, 2006

What a Week... OLE'!!

I must say that this has been a quite a week for DevCo.  It started off with Nick Hodges arriving on campus, signing his offer letter, getting a new email account and ordering his new machine.  It's all good.  I mean we have a new key hire... it's been a good week so far. 

Then early this afternoon, Steve Shaughnessy stopped by my office beaming and smiling... "Jens just signed!  He's in Mike's office right now!"

Immediately after my jaw was retracted from the floor, and my eyes were firmly back in their sockets, I said, "WooHoo!!!  That's fantastic news!!"

So who is Jens?  Well I'm referring to Jens-Ole' Lauridsen (usually pronounced as "Yens").  Steve Shaughnessy and Jens-Ole' were the dream-team behind the JDataStore product.  For many years Steve and Jens developed and maintained that product.  They also produced a .NET version called, for lack of a better name, NDataStore which was shown in preview form at the 2004 BorCon.  Later in 2005, Borland decided to end-of-life the JDataStore and to stop development of the NDataStore product... a sad day indeed.  As I'd explained in my introduction to Steve, Jens had also left Borland last year.  In fact they both went to work for the same company.  So I'm pleased to announce that we now have the dream-team behind the JDataStore and NDataStore products now in charge of the BDS database/connectivity pieces.  What does this mean for JDataStore and NDataStore?  Well... basically Nick will now be helping us decide that.

I'm also hoping that I'll be able to make an announcement concerning a new Delphi Compiler engineer within the next couple of weeks!  Once we have all the i's dotted and the t's crossed, I'm sure folks will be pleased with what we'll have to say!  (No, as totally fantastic as it would be, it's not Danny).

Yes, it's been a good week for DevCo.  We had a DevCo "all-hands" meeting here in Scotts Valley with Tod Nielsen following our weekly DevCo board meeting.  Things are progressing very well and the interest has been outstanding.  Of course I can't make any announcements, but I do know that we're very close to having some news to share.

So what could be better that a week like this?... OK, besides already having an investor selected and being a separate company...  Well how about taking a little respite?  Yep, I'll be out next week on vacation.  All the kids are going away to a house-boating and wake-boarding trip with a bunch of other teenagers out on Lake McClure.  So it's just me and my awesome wife without the kids!  As much as I like my co-workers and communicating with the wonderful future "DevCo" customers... I have to admit that spending a week of quality time with her is just a good continuation of an already great week.

See you week after next!


  1. Cool.

    I hope devco brings back/ continues development and releases the datastore products.

  2. Excellent news indeed not only to have Steve, but also Jens back. I am really excited about that...

    Welcome back guys!

  3. Great news, Allen! And I hope you have a throughly enjoyable well deserved week off.

  4. Wish good speed well always I'm afraid at future evolution of C++. C++ portion, which be part of BDS 2006 (formerly DeXter) is imossible regard for upgrade of "C++Builder 6.0", which I always use and for me is impossible change to BDS 2006. Transfer majority of projects is very troubled, evently in some cases impossible. I guess, that DevCo would be think of C++ community, because step by step will come at its customer from C++ camp.

  5. Nice. Have a wonderful time off.


  6. Carlos Mauricio MachadoJune 18, 2006 at 4:34 AM

    Hi Allen... my name is Carlos MaurĂ­cio, I´m a brazilian Delphi developer!!!

    I´m reading all the news about the DevCo Company and the team that is being hired to the new company....... and recently I read something that I need to ask you and ask Steve and ask Anders about it...

    Highlander will have an official Firebird suport?

    Can I parcipate at field test program about Highlander?

    Sorry about my english, I need to practice it more!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for your attention!!!!

  7. Allen,

    this are great news for the xDataStore-area;

    same database for java and .net, really cool!

  8. Really cool week indeed:-)

    Have great time Allen, Delphi ROCKZ!!!


  9. You haved -asked- Danny, right ? ;)

  10. May you and your wife and [separately] your kids really be blessed by a great week.

    You've certainly put a great deal of effort into doing the very best for DEVCO and its products - Thanks

  11. Well... If asking Danny... Then what about asking Anders as well!? :-))

    Anyways, sounds great that many of the core Borland people are coming back.

    The only thing left to do is to name DevCo Borland and the other part Inprise :-))

  12. Could it be Charlie Calvert? I always loved his Conference sessions and he had GREAT competitions! well, I guess he was Developer Relations for Inprise and I'm not certain if he actually did coding for the products...

    And I agree with you Thomas, I made the same suggestion to Allen Bauer at the Delphi 2006 World Tour Columbus Ohio event( but he didn't think it was very likely.

    Personally, I think it makes sense. Inprise WAS a good name that screams ALM. And while people may recognize Borland, won't they say "Isn't that that old programming company?"

    It it makes good business sense that way. I honestly think the Borland name will hurt the ALM business - what every reader here considers "the new company".

  13. That is to say, "I made the same suggestion to Anders Ohlsson". I must have had Allen on the brain yesterday... You knew who I meant didn't you?


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