Monday, March 27, 2006

Talent Highlights...

While I've been in the midst of various planning and meetings surrounding the spin-out of the Borland IDE/Database products, the rest of the Delphi team has been moving ahead in a “business as usual” fashion.  Steve Trefethen has been posting some very useful itemsMark Edington has posted an excellent article about using AQTime to help in debugging some dicey drag-n-drop issues.  David Lock has been posting some interesting information about game development with Delphi and SDL and SDL.NET.  Hopefully I'll be able to return to the regularly scheduled programming at some point. Until then, please encourage these other folks to continue posting more bits of useful information.

At some point, I will also start rolling out information on upcoming Delphi language changes to support .NET 2.0.  There's a lot of development happening on this front.  As soon as the implementations solidify and stabilize (they still need some tuning), I'll be posting some more info.


  1. I wonder if you think it would hurt to start posting information before the 2.0 features stabilize, to enable the community to give (possibly even valuable) feedback before it is too late. I'm sure everyone is dying to see your current plans for the generics syntax, even if they are not finalized... :)

  2. You forgot to point out Henrik Jondell's excellent blog post that has links to a lot of ECO content on the web!


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