Thursday, January 19, 2006

BDS2006 reviews.

Huw Collingbourne of Bitwise magazine has written a very good review of BDS 2006.  Bitwise has also published a review of BDS2006 written by a Visual Studio guy, Dermont Hogan.  While he wasn't conviced to switch tools, I found this thoughtful review to be well considered and balanced.  Thanks, Huw and Dermot!

Update:  Speaking of reviews...  This one is a little confusing.


  1. I was wondering if the vs guy had been shown find references and local find references. Since I found those I hardly ever use find.

    I was wondering how much time he spent because he doesn't mention syncedit, refactoring, code templates and the fact thats its easier to search in the tool pallette.

  2. I guess he was just politically correct.

    It is american way to not offence people.

    On the other hand what did you expected from him?

    Anyone of you can take VS05 and compare it to BDS. What you will write? You do not want to switch... ;-)

  3. > Speaking of reviews... This one is a little confusing.

    Somebody has their wires crossed :)

    It does have a number of the salient points though:

    Delphi, Together, Model, .NET & Development

    the other four words were filler ... he had a min word count to meet :)

  4. Good reviews can't hurt! However, I think Delphi needs to manifest itself in computer studie courses in colleges and universities across north america. These are tomorrow's users, without them on board, there's no future. This may even require you to give it away for free to these institutions (no I'm not affiliated with any post-secondary institution)! As a loyal user since v1 I would rather pay a premium price to facilitate such an act then the premium I'm paying for the unused "enterprise" features... eco, together, starteam and the like. I can't hire people with Delphi skills and I have an increasingly hard time convincing new clients to accept applications, written in Delphi. Everyone little twerp in an IT department of any size knows what VS is... in fact most of them have copy even if they don't even konw what to do with it. Rarely do I meet someone that even knows what Delphi is. What can we do to overcome this hurdle. I am looking to Borland to provide some ideas. I'm willing to become part of a combined effort and get on my soapbox! Oh yah while I'm ay it.. Not to thrilled with DavidI efforts either. Don't know the man personally, but it made me pretty #@!$!@# annoyed to see his Asian tourist photos in recent Delphi blogs. How the heck is that helping Delphi... allit does is show me why my Delphi is so costly! Sorry David, not meant to be a personal attack on you. Rick.

  5. Its about time Borland integrated Delphi into Visual Studio, as an IDE its a lot more stable (imo).

  6. VS is not more stable than D2006 in my experience. They seem about the same.

  7. The tool palette should be on the left and the properties on the right. That's the way most people would "read" the screen.

  8. Or the top or anywhere other than the bottom right. No big deal.

  9. I completely agree with Rick.

    In Russia the sole reason while Delphi is popular is large preinstalled Delphi base in universities. Of course, they didn't pay for it. But many of ex-student I know bought Personal editions for themself later.

    So, Delphi must be just free for educational sector in Special version form. And Personal editions must be available at reasonable prices.

  10. It is hard for me to believe all these bad comments about BDS2006.

    Wake up folks! This is the best Delphi yet, including the IDE features and layout.

    The possibilities are superior to those found in previous versions even if one disregards that there are other additional languages covered besides Delphi for Win32.

    Yes, there seem to be less and less books on

    Delphi in specialty book stores but that might be attributed to plotting by big adversaries. Let's not play into their traps!



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