Thursday, December 1, 2005

First Customer Ship

Looks like Borland Developer Studio 2006 has started arriving at customer sites.  There's now some talk beginning in borland.public.delphi.non-technical, so looks like there'll be some information about it start to flow.


  1. The fundamental concern we have with these releases is lack of product support. We are taking a wait and see approach. If Borland takes a more proactive stance on fixing problems and releasing updates compared to the past we will buy in.

  2. Bill, I think Borland have shown an increasing willingness to release updates for their products, and think your criticism may be a little outdated.

    I also find it wildly ironic that you decide to question Borland's bug fixing and update policy on the blog of the King of geurilla updates. :-)

  3. David, I don't feel that his criticism is outdated. We are a D2005 shop, and are waiting for our copies of D2006 to arrive; but in the meantime, we have "fully updated" versions of D2005 on all developer boxes that continue to crash constantly through the day causing productivity delays.<br><br> Nobody here would ever question Allen and the other developers at Borland about the amazing work that they do, but you even say that he is the "King of geurilla updates". Why are these updates not official? Shouldn't Borland be looking at the existing customer base and offering to fix the IDE that we have already spent so much money and time on? Why is buying the new version of Delphi the "fix" from Borland?

  4. Is there a trial?

  5. It is really surprising that only certain countries/regions have got Delphi 2006.This seems to be a staggered release across regions rather than simultaneous release across the world.Will Borland clarify ?

  6. Tjipke van der PlaatsDecember 7, 2005 at 3:18 AM

    Is this a promotion from:

    "a Borland Principal Architect"


    "a Borland Chief Scientist"



  7. Called Borland Customer Service today (don't get me started on them; Love tech support, customer service on the other hand...), and they said they are shipping the CD's via 3 day FedEx and allow a couple of weeks for sending/delivery. GOOD! FedEx 3 day is great.


    I suggested that Borland's shipping dept. e-mail the registered users with the tracking number as soon as it was sent. The customer service said he would pass it along. Please see if Borland could do this, it would make users like me who are waiting for the upgrade a little happier.

  8. I think Bill's approach may be the right one, although I didn't take that path.

    I bought into D2005 and pre-ordered D2006 Ent.

    I started a major application in D2005. I'm sorry I did. It would have been far more productive to use D5.

    If D2006 doesn't hit the mark, I'll have 2 choices: 1) Stick with pre-D2005 versions of Delphi; 2) Move over to the MS paradigm. Neither of these options is very palatable, but I can’t see paying for upgrades that don’t move my productivity forward.


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