Monday, October 31, 2005

So.. what's Allen been up to?

Just in case folks are out there stuck waiting for some pithy or otherwise tasty morsel of information from this blog...(if you fall into this group.. uh.. you might want to investigate actually getting a life :-)..  or for the others that just seem to have a passing curiosity of what goes on here.. if only to see what kind of drivel that wacky Allen actually spouts today.   Well, anyway, in case you've been stranded on a deserted island (or were a contestant on Survivor) there is a new Delphi release in the works along with the Borland Developer Conference coming.  So not surprisingly, I've been very busy working on getting all my bugs fixed for the release and also getting together my presentation at the conference.  Postings will remain a little light for a while.

As if you actually care...


  1. An... odd post but hey, we do care what's going on around there, especially with our favorite development tool. It's nice to see a blip on the radar now and then.

  2. Thats is why all of us, resident barabarians, are so quiet. We know what you have on your fingers,keyboard, RAM.

    Go fix.. go fix.. go go... We want Delphi 2006 be the best Delphi ever :-)

  3. If you aren't feeling the love now, just wait until you get to Devcon. All the people using those unofficial Delphi 2005 fixes will be all over you like a rock star. Shouting your name, buying you drinks, carrying you on their shoulders and the like. Yup, it's a hard life. :)

  4. you missed a closing parenthesis, this doesn't count ":-)"



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