Thursday, July 15, 2004

Busy days...

You have probably noticed that there has been a drop in the flow of posts. There are several reasons for this. Most noteably is the fact that there isn't too much new information at this point that I can talk about. Then there is the fact that we're currently in the midst of approaching some internal milestones and much of my focus has to be on meeting those goals. No, I can't tell you what the milestones are and what their for... Sorry. As soon as I have some new juicy bits of information, tips or tricks, I'll try and get them posted here. For now, however, there will be a dearth of posts...


  1. Tease! :-)

  2. Please tell me you're working on a dbGo to ADO.NET migration tool!

    Larry Roth

    Cape Town

    South Africa

  3. Tell me, you are making new feature in Delphi, which will read my mind and generate all the code for all those applications :)

  4. Larry, Allen doesn't work on the database stuff, but we've already said that we are working on dbGo support for .NET. Historically, Borland hasn't written "migration tools" other than providing excellent backward compatibility to new platforms.


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