Thursday, June 3, 2004

Patent Trolls

Technology industry hits out at 'patent trolls'

This is an interesting article about the current state of the US Patent System. In general, I certainly think that there should be a government sanctioned method of granting exclusive rights to use a certain invention for a period of time. However, once the system starts to be abused, it ruins it for everyone. Patents for the mere purpose of using the legal system to bludgeon people or companies over the head, are certainly abuse in my book. This is of particular interest right now since I'm currently involved with several IP lawyers in order to submit a patent application.


  1. What is the purpose of law ? justice ? no it's for defending the monopolists. Why ? Because it is them that do the law. Just 4c logic :)

  2. this is crap i dont understand nethin

  3. Two Other Models


    Large corporations file huge numbers of patents not because they intend to develope them commercially but in order to prevent others from developing them. There interest here is just to preserve the status-quo...

    Another, model is to form a start-up in order

    the develope IP which you can patent and technology which you expect others to discover

    in the near future and develope. I.e. simple

    and useful ideas, but nothing revolutionary

    required. When the patents are filed to shut

    down your organisation and wait for others to

    re-discover the same idea and then develope it commercially. When these users have started to make some money out of the technology, you

    re-appear and take legal action.



    The whole purpose of IP laws is to encourage

    people to take risks in order to develope

    technology. However, a number of ways in which

    these laws can be applied actually hinders IP development.


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