Thursday, March 11, 2004

A glimpse of the future...

Michael Swindell, a Director in the Developer Tools Group here at Borland posted this enticing bit of info in the borland.public.delphi.non-techinical newsgroup.

Following up from my earlier message a little over a month ago - Delphi 8
update 2 will be available for download by the end of this week. This 2nd
update improves on the already good quality of Delphi 8 and raises the bar
to our highest quality Delphi in years with over 200 addressed issues. The
complete readme with all the details can be found in Anders' Weblog at
In addition, we'll also be making a complete documentation update available
at the same time that improves the Delphi 8 documentation in both in content
and ease of use.

The next update you can expect to see will be for Delphi 7 (Win32). We are
working on a Delphi 7.1 patch that is expected to be released in the second
quarter. This 7.1 update is planned to address a variety of Delphi 7 issues,
particularly in the dbExpress area, and will be available as a free download
to all registered Delphi 7 and Delphi 8 customers. We do recognize that
Win32 support continues to be important for many Delphi developers,
particularly for maintaining existing applications but also for new
application development. As such we also plan to continue supporting and
developing new Delphi Win32 features for the foreseeable future. Our plans
include moving Win32 support into the "Galileo" IDE along side Delphi .NET
in the next major release - which is planned to combine both Win32 and .NET
features into the same IDE. So if you're still on Delphi 3 thru 6 and you've
been waiting to upgrade for news of a v7 update or a Win32 commitment beyond
v7, now is the time to take advantage of the great upgrade value in Delphi 8

Though we plan to continue supporting Win32 development, there will be no
slow down in our .NET momentum. We plan to continue supporting more and more
.NET technologies in Delphi - such as Compact Framework, .NET Whidbey, and
Yukon, all the way to Longhorn, WinFX, and beyond. So whether you're a long
time Delphi Win32 developer or a soon to be .NET developer or both - if you
haven't yet upgraded to v7 or v8, I highly recommend the upgrade to Delphi 8
(which includes D7 for Win32 in the box) it's an great value for both Win32
and .NET developers. Either way, .NET or Win32, we'll continue to support
you with quality Delphi releases and updates.

On behalf of the entire Delphi development team, thanks again for using
Delphi 8!

Best regards - Go Delphi!

Michael Swindell
Developer Tools - Delphi and .NET
Borland Software Corporation

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